D-Bag Of The Week/Month/Year

CNET - If you had been in a car crash, totalling the other person's car, then driven on, hitting another car and totalling that one too, what would your first instinct be?

I fancy it wouldn't be to post a Facebook picture of your car, with severe damage, and accompany it with the caption: "That's her front end after I got done with her lol." You surely wouldn't add a smiley face at the end either.

Yet this is what police say Michael J. Vanwagner of Coon Rapids, Minn. did on July 26.

The worst was yet to come. In the second car was 16-year-old Jason McCarthy. He subsequently died from his injuries.

As the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, 24-year-old Vanwagner admits to posting the image and caption. Moreover, he posted a second image to Facebook, with the message: "I'm all good slept a day in the hospital then came home and did yard work lol."

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