ISIS Beheading: To See Or Not To See?

Personally, I do not want to see a real beheading. While I am not a "gore hound", I can suffer through all kinds of carnage in movies, even if I don't seek it out. I can even admire the techniques involved in the illusion. That's entirely different to watching an ISIS terrorist decapitating a US reporter (who was also a professed Christian). Even if I can imagine a good deal of the grisly, ghastly and bestial details on my own, I could not un-see that. 

I don't know that banning the video is the solution either; while I don't want to encourage the ISIS group by having this act "go viral", is it not also a kind of disservice to the victim by pushing it aside as too gruesome? Is that not the point? It's a sadistic and ultimately cowardly act of barbarism that should be acknowledged for what it is - and yet, are the majority of those seeking out the material just satisfying a base curiosity?

Food for thought:

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