C'mon Apple, Just Admit When Things Go Wrong - We Will Still Like You

Having never owned any recent Apple products, I don't really have a dog in this fight, so to speak - but I do wish Apple would drop the sort of snooty, aloof attitude they seem to have cultivated over hardware or software issues. They are generally uncommunicative and seem at times to be "in denial" when legitimate issues come to light. They make attractive, desirable products, and the build quality is usually reported to be high, but no one is perfect - and I don't believe most of us expect them to be. What we should expect and demand is the courtesy of Apple acknowledging when things do go wrong and communicating how and when they might be fixed. Apple is a high profile company, so I think it behooves them to take the lead in this sort of thing. Far from diminishing their brand by admitting when problems arise, I believe this approach is just common sense for any company who wants to retain and attract customers.

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