Dreamy Linux Desktops

I like Linux a lot; I am writing this on my laptop running Mint 17. I also like the choices that the whole Linux world offers up. Linux on the Desktop suffers from being perceived as "weird" or "geeky" and therefore not for everyday use. It also is sometimes thought of as not being cutting edge or even modern, which is also largely untrue - plenty of newer technologies are represented in the various Linux distros. An article showing "Ten Linux Desktops Showing Just How Far Behind Mac OS X and Windows Designs Are" is a bit dubious though, in the sense that while it shows range of interesting desktop "looks", this sort of stuff can be pretty readily done in Windows too, using skinning utilities and fancy wallpaper (as the comments are quick to point out). While I'm not calling out the author on this, and many Windows or even Mac users would be favourably impressed with some of the eye candy available on Linux, I think the expectations of the article title did not really match the content this time around.

I still really like Linux, though...

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