Dropbox Received 268 User Data Request From Law Enforcement, Fewer From NSA

Between January and July of 2014 Cloud storage company Dropbox received 268 requests for user data from law enforcement agencies and a smaller, unspecified number from security agencies. The requests did not include any for business data. Dropbox plans to regularly make these sorts of transparency reports available from now on, along with other companies like Yahoo!
The 268 figure breaks down to 120 search warrants, 109 subpoenas, 37 "non-United States" requests from foreign agencies, and two court orders.
Of the 109 subpoenas, Dropbox said only one sought content information, which Dropbox asserted it declined to provide.
Dropbox also noted in the report that it is not permitted by the federal government to report the exact number of national security requests received.
Dropbox legal counsel Bart Volkmer stressed in a blog post on Thursday that "law enforcement agencies frequently ask us to keep requests secret even when they don’t have the legal right to do so."

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