Germany Okay With Uber Service Now

With a name like "Uber" (Über is also the German word for "over" or "above"), you would think the ride-sharing service would have been a shoe-in among Germans, but no - until now.
A nationwide injunction issued against on-demand ride-hailing service Uber in Germany has been lifted by a local court in Frankfurt during an appeal hearing.
The ban was issued by the same court late last month, after a civil action brought by the German taxi industry. The taxi industry had argued that Uber lacked a transport permit to operate its UberPop service in Germany, which uses independent drivers to run a commercial service.
According to Reuters the judge at the appeal court hearing ruled that there were no grounds for an immediate injunction against Uber’s service, although Frankfurt Regional Court Judge Frowin Kurth said there could still be grounds for an injunction — just not an immediate one.
He also apparently identified Uber as a direct competitor to the taxi industry, rejecting Uber’s own attempts to cast itself as mere marketplace connecting private drivers with passengers needing a ride.

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