How About A 3.2TB PCIe SSD?

Looks like old coot hobby computer builders like me will need to get in the fast lane, seems like the future of performance drives may line with SSDs on a PCIe card...
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that it has started mass producing 3.2-terabyte (TB) NVMe PCIe solid state drives (SSDs) based on its 3D V-NAND (Vertical NAND) flash memory technology, for use in high-end enterprise server systems. The new NVMe PCIe SSD, SM1715, utilizes Samsung's proprietary 3D V-NAND in an HHHL (half-height, half-length) card-type form factor, to offer 3.2TB of storage capacity -- doubling Samsung’s previous highest NVMe SSD density of 1.6TB
Pretty slick!


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