New iPhone 6 Looks Like...An iPhone

Apple still commands a lot of interest and press when they get close to the announcement of a new product (we already have people waiting in line for the new phone). The odd thing, to me at least, is that a new iPhone is a lot like a new model Porsche automobile - they look a lot like the previous model. Don't get me wrong, the iPhone is a very sleek piece of equipment and feels great in your hand - I don't have one myself, but I do use them at work on occasion. 

The iPhone 5 had some hardware improvements in using a 64-bit processor for the first time, and the iPhone 6 is supposed to be physically larger, but it still impresses me just how much continuing interest there is in this product line; and no doubt, they will sell impressive quantities of the new devices. 

I suppose I am feeding the fire by posting this article, but people seem to be still more than just casually interested. If you can't wait to see the iPhone 6, the article here supposedly has clear images of a "real" iPhone 6 beside a version 5 phone.

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