Time For A Windows Smartphone?

My mobile phone history has been all over the place. As one who does not have a lot of disposable income - or at least none that I am willing to spend on a mobile phone - I have stayed on the cheap side of the tracks, and most recently the prepaid side of that. I have never had an iPhone but have lived with both a cheap and a middle-of-the-road Android phone. Currently, I have a simple flip phone and am using StraightTalk, which has been fine. I had been looking at as my next provider, and while their rates would definitely work for me, I would need to spend around $100 to purchase a phone - which is not much of course in the grand scheme of things, but just a bit more that I am ready to spend right now. 

Then I saw that Cricket (owned by AT&T) currently has a handful of decent/cheap Android smartphones around $50 each, and their monthly rate for the basic data plan is about what I am paying now for a talk/text plan with StraightTalk ($30-$35). I was intrigued to see they also have a pretty nice Windows phone in that current offer, the Nokia Lumia 630 - quad core processor, decent camera and upgradeable storage using a microSD card. I have actually heard pretty good things about Windows 8.1 on phones, and I think I may take the plunge. I wanted a smartphone again for a couple of reasons, but need to keep it affordable in terms of the initial cost and the ongoing monthly fees (and no contract, thank you). I typically don't use a lot of data and the 1GB on the Cricket plan would be more than enough. 

Sounds pretty tempting...

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