Windows 9 - Probably Not So "Free"

Following quite a bit of speculation that the next version of Windows might be made available as a no-cost upgrade, that now may be unlikely - at least for most users, according to the latest scuttlebutt.
Microsoft will offer some Windows 8.1 users a free upgrade to the next edition, tentatively labeled as Windows 9, a notorious spiller of the company's secrets said today.

According to Wzor, Windows 9 will be a free upgrade from some but not all copies of Windows 8.1. For those currently running Windows 7, the upgrade will come with a price tag. Wzor publicized the claims in a short series of tweets today.

But the free upgrade deal has a big caveat.

"The free upgrade to Windows 9 can be done only from a full retail version of Windows 8.1 ... the OEM version will be paid, same as before," Wzor wrote in one tweet, according to a Russian-to-English translation done for Computerworld by Sveta Surgay, a technical support analyst with IDG's corporate help desk.

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