Best Linux Distro Of 2014 (So Far)

Linux Voice has a look at the best Linux distros of 2014, broken down into categories such as "best for beginners", "best performance", "best security" and so on. They then pick the overall winner - and it's not one of the usual suspects like Mint, Ubuntu, Suse, etc, etc. Their final choice surprised me quite a bit actually, but thinking about it does make some kind of sense - even though my own faves this year have been Zorin, Mint, Elementary and LXLE (I like to futz around with different distros).
Just as the sports team with the best stats doesn’t simply win the game, the distro with the best scores in six areas doesn’t simply get awarded the best distro status. To come up with an ultimate winner, we stared deep into each distro, and drew on our personal experience. We looked into every option, and meditated on the concept of distro nirvana.
We were looking for a distro that performs well in every area, and excellently in many, making it a good all-round distro. However this alone isn’t enough. It needs to have something that pushes it ahead of the competition – and the competition is getting better every year. It needs that certain X factor to make it stand out. It should be a distro people want to install; a distro that people get passionate about; a distro that makes you remember why you love Linux.


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