A Doctor Who Viewing Guide

Screenrant has an excellent viewing guide for those of you that have heard of Doctor Who, but may have never seen it (or partially watched a random episode out of context). Doctor Who is something of a national treasure in the UK since the 1960's, a BBC show originally meant to foster an interest in science for children (as well as scare the bejesus out of them from time to time). It has grown into a bit of a world-wide phenomenon, particularly since it's reintroduction in 2005. It's alternately a show for older kids that adults can enjoy, or a show for adults that kids can still enjoy. The Doctor travels through time and space in the TARDIS,  an incredibly advanced time machine that looks (on the outside) like an old fashioned UK Policeman's Telephone box. Here's a quick primer, from the article:
Doctor Who is the question, The Doctor is what he’s refered to as, Doctor is what people call him.

Doctor Who is always written as Doctor Who, never Dr. Who.

The Doctor has a name but will only reveal it in special circumstances, to certain people (viewers do not know it).

The Doctor is 900+ years old and can regenerate.

Regeneration can occur willingly or as the result of dire circumstances. All memories stay while personality quirks and traits change. However, the Doctor can learn traits from previous incarnations (i.e. to not be too serious).
The TARDIS sometimes shows up on Google Streetview too!

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