Hey, How About A Six BILLION Dollar Man Movie?

The Six Million Dollar Man was a popular TV show in the 70's featuring the exploits of one Colonel Steve Austin, a test pilot/astronaut who was horribly injured in a crash. The government replaced his damaged limbs and other organs with cybernetic parts (at a cost of $6 million), and thereafter he became a kind of super secret agent. With inflation and so on, that cost is now $6 billion and it looks like a movie will be made possibly featuring Mark Wahlberg. The novel upon which the TV show was based (and to some degree the pilot TV movie) had a dark aspect to it, as Col Austin tried to come to terms with being a cyborg without his consent - but the show itself was mostly a slightly campy action-adventure offering. No word on what approach the proposed new movie will take to the material, although I'm guessing "darker", like most movie fare these days.


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