Holy Cow - Now THAT's A Gaming Rig

A German gamer, with perhaps stereotypical Teutonic precision, has built a really impressive home rig so he can get immersive with Elite:Dangerous, a new space sim. Check out the CNET story below for some video goodness.
Markus Boesen, who has been playing the beta, has built himself a custom rig, inspired by the German Elite: Dangerous community, that transforms his game station into the cockpit we all dream about, with the windshield displayed across three screens using three TH681 BenQ Full HD 3D DLP projectors to make it so.

The setup also includes a custom touch interface dashboard, comprising three Treckstor Ventos 10.1 SurfTabs, running on Roccat Power-Grid software; voice commands available using VoiceAttack software; head tracking and gesture control using TrackIR and Leap Motion respectively; a Saitek X52 Pro HOTAS joystick and Logitech G19 keyboard; a Crossfire2x Sapphire RADEON R9 290 Tri -X OC video card with AMD Eyefinity, resolution 5,760x1,080; and sound via a Logitech Z-5500 5.1 surround system.

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