Star Wars Trailer In Front Of The Hobbit?

The rumoured Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer may be shown before the upcoming final Hobbit movie this December. The trailer - more of an atmospheric teaser, if the reported descriptions are accurate - has been the subject of quite a bit of buzz, since the principal photography wrapped on next Christmas' planned return to "A Galaxy Far, Far Away." And no, that's not it below...
This story got around the net pretty quickly before the same site, Screen Rant, claimed that “there’s a very strong likelihood it will play’ before the The Hobbit, but that Disney has “bigger plans” for the trailer. And indeed, it would be hard to believe that the trailer would appear out of nowhere without some notice somewhere, but if it did, that would really be cool, much like how Star Wars practically appeared out of nowhere in 1977 and blew us all away.


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