8-Bit Art Delights

Back in the day, when men were men and games only had 8 bits of graphic goodness, we relied on gameplay dammit! Even so, it's still impressive how much can be conveyed by blocky graphics and artist Adam Lister uses that framework with pastel watercolors to produce some impressive and impressionistic images.
From the Mona Lisa to the movie poster for Jaws, Lister, 36, re-imagines iconic art with a clean but crude, geometric reverence for the video game landscape of his youth.
“It’s ingrained in me,” said Lister, who makes his living as a painter in Beacon, New York. “It was this other world and it is kind of a cool way to reinterpret what we see in the real world. I guess in a way, I am simplifying what is an overcomplicated world.”
Art imitating, er, art?

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