Amazon Bicycle Delivery

I'll be perfectly honest here - I am pretty stodgy about a lot of things, and I don't really see the need to get consumer goods right now - although I will concede I am probably in a small minority, if the current Zeitgeist is to be trusted. Amazon made quite a splash in 2013 with their out-of-left-field proposal to offer a drone delivery system, but this latest result of Amazon brainstorming is definitely more down-to-earth.
Delivery by drone might not be in Amazon’s future if the FAA has anything to say about it. In the meantime, the e-commerce giant is turning to a much more accepted form of transportation – the trusty bicycle.

Amazon is testing a new service called Amazon Prime Now in which they’re relying on bike messengers to put orders in the hands of buyers within an hour. The idea is to give customers the same sort of immediacy that they’d get from buying something in person at a local brick-and-mortar store.

Sources tell The Wall Street Journal that Amazon has been conducting tests in New York City with three of the top bike messenger services. During the trials, bikers are given an address and told to travel there, snap a photo of the address then return to home base.

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