Another Windows Update Dud Joins An Annoying Trend

The most recent Update Tuesday patch collection from Microsoft contained a wonky update to Windows Update itself, the latest in a troublesome trend from Microsoft and others that does not seem to be getting better. Apple's first iOS 8 broke Bluetooth and other things for many, and Google's first crack at Android 5 (Lollipop) caused a variety of headaches for a lot of user for some Nexus device versions.

The latter were new versions of mobile operating systems, and so considerably different from the security updates issued by Microsoft, but the sloppiness (or whatever it is) is still there. A LOT of home users and businesses still depend on Microsoft Windows, and in some cases Microsoft's ubiquity is part of the problem - the fact that so many differently-configured computers run Windows must be a major headache when testing patches to find possible points of failure.

Systems running Android come in many flavors too, so in that respect I have a little less sympathy for Apple, who sells their own hardware and should therefore have a relatively easier time when testing their upgrades prior to releasing them.

Whatever the cause (lack of time, resources, or effort), the effect is to make people a bit gun shy of updating - which is particularly problematic with Windows systems, as they are a huge target for malware and hack attacks, if only by virtue of their widespread use.

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