Clara Oswald Back For Season 9 Of Doctor Who

After a hiatus from watching Doctor Who after David Tennant left, I came back to the fold when Peter Capaldi became the new doctor, and have hugely enjoyed the sparks between the Doctor and Clara, played by Jenna Coleman. I see a lot of online flack directed at the Clara character, and I don't get it. I think the combo is great and reminds me in some ways of the Doctor and Donna, when Catherine Tate gave us another feisty companion. 

Most of the season has been handling the regeneration of The Doctor from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi and Clara's attempts to come to terms with that, while her involvement with an Earthbound love interest further complicated things. It was a lot less "soapy" than my description makes it sound, but it was an undercurrent during plenty of time travelling, logic bending adventures. 

The whole "Will Clara return?" thing has been simmering away for months, the cast and producers were mum and the whole thing was only resolved in the Christmas Special. Even then, there was a sort of tricky "ending" that suggested she was indeed gone - but no. Clara Oswald and Doctor Who will be together for another season, which is just fine by me.

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