Free Windows 10? Not So Fast, Skippy

Any speculation about the final version of Windows 10 perhaps being offered free has been pretty much squashed Microsoft CTO Kevin Turner. It sounds like there may be low cost or perhaps free versions, a'la Windows 8.1, but not the primary OS itself despite the relatively poor adoption of Windows 8.1.
"We've not had any conversations [about] Windows 10 being a loss leader for us," Kevin Turner, Microsoft's chief operating officer, said at a technology conference sponsored by Credit Suisse on Thursday. "[But] we've got to monetize it differently. There are additional opportunities for us to bring additional services to the product and do it in a creative way."

Turner was short on specifics, but spelled out in general terms those opportunities, saying that new business models will allow the company "to monetize the lifetime of that customer" by selling them services and what he called "add-ons."
Sounds like I may just stick with Linux, then.


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