Looks Like Sony WILL Make Some Money From A Fictional Assassination

It's a little tough to keep up with Sony's changes of position on the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy "The Interview". Unless you have just returned from living rough out in the woods for a couple of weeks, the theatrical release of the movie was pulled following some threats of physical violence from a hacker group, then sort of of re-established, but now it appears the movie will be released as a paying proposition on various online outlets such as YouTube, Google Play and so on.
While it is cool that free speech and American ideology wins again, it is so much more than that. Google and Microsoft are American companies, Sony is Japanese, and together they are fighting back against tyrannical hackers.
Whether North Korea was behind the hack is inconsequential. When it comes to evil-doers, there are no borders. Sure, the film is probably terrible, and won't likely win an Academy award, but the comedy has become an unlikely beacon of freedom.
Kudos to Sony for ultimately coming to the correct conclusion. Google and Microsoft should be honored as well, for playing a part in the distribution of the film.

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