Sony Employee Medical Records Up For Grabs, Too

Among other things, the Sony breach also exposed the medical record of Sony employees - just the kind of scenario one fears with the move to EHRs (Electronic Health Records). While digitizing medical information can be useful and more cost-effective that the "old" printed records, it is neither if they can be so readily pilfered in quantity. Notwithstanding how sophisticated the attack on Sony may or may not have been, it's physically much easier that dragging boxes of paper records out of a locked building.
The incident has prompted privacy advocates to speak out on the need to implement added safeguards to protect data in the digital age. 
Deborah Peel, MD, founder of Patient Privacy Rights, a non-profit health privacy advocacy group, was chief among them to weigh in.
"This stuff will haunt all those people the rest of their lives. Once it's up on the Internet it is up in perpetuity," Peel told Bloomberg. "This is a thousand times worse than that other stuff," she said, referring to salary information and personal e-mails. “Health information is the most sensitive information about you.”

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