Sony Has Several Unreleased Movies Swiped

The cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment has some unusual casualties - several unreleased movies have been stolen, including the "Annie" remake. Being that many (most?) movies are now stored in digital format, I am surprised this has not happened before - or if it did, I missed it.
The attack and dump of corporate data was undertaken by a group calling itself the “Guardians of Peace” (GOP). The group claims its motive was to punish Sony Pictures for “terrible racial discrimination" and said that it was able to gain physical access to Sony’s network with the aid of “other staff with similar interests,” according to an e-mail sent to The Verge. Ars has attempted to contact the attackers through one of the e-mail addresses included in the dump of file names from last week but has not yet received a response.
None of the alleged demands against Sony Pictures made by the GOP, which shares a name with a paramilitary counter-insurgency organization in Burundi but has no apparent ties to it, have been made public. However, Sony Pictures is the studio behind the upcoming The Interview, a comedy about an assassination attempt on the leader of North Korea; the country has accused Sony of promoting "terrorist acts" by making the film. All of which raises the question: could North Korea have been involved in the attack?

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