A Little Bit Of Malware Dissection

HowToGeek recently started posting a some items on malware removal, partly as a follow up to their revelation as to the dire state of trying to download Windows freeware these days without also finding yourself lumbered with a bunch of unwelcome crap at the same time. At work, I run into a lot of this stuff too (our users need pretty unrestricted web access as part of their job), and it's interesting that they use the same process I do; namely go to Programs and Features first and use any provided uninstaller, and then run Malwarebytes (or whatever) to clean up. They also go into the mechanism of ShopperPro adware at some length, and it's quite revealing.
...the fact is that to prevent going to jail, many of these malware companies actually do provide a (mostly) working uninstaller. As long as you run Malwarebytes after uninstalling, you are generally fine.
And that’s the thing, what they are doing isn’t technically illegal (although it should be). They trick you into agreeing to the install at some point while you were trying to install a stupid 3D screensaver, and then they provide an uninstall mechanism. It’s all perfectly legal, and somebody is going to hell for it. But nobody is going to jail.

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