Google Ending Sales Of Google Glass

Google Glass sales are ending; the Explorer program is being shelved and any future development will be handled by a different division within the company. The innovative product has had a pretty bumpy ride; from the initial "wow" factor to later indifference by the public and some outright hostility against Glass wearers over privacy and other social concerns (referring to them as "Glassholes" for instance).
To make sense as a general purpose consumer device, a gadget needs to have a clear advantage over those that preceded it. Glass’ advantage compared to pulling out your phone was never clear, and Google never effectively articulated it. Instead, Google seemed to hope that by offering Glass to a select number of early adopters and techies through its Glass Explorer program, which is now ending, the device’s first users would do the work of figuring out what it was for.

That didn’t happen, at least not in a way that made those advantages obvious to the general public. Over the past two years, we’ve learned that consumers are not clamoring for heads-up displays; what they really want are the same old smartphones, except with ginormous screens. As innovative as Glass may seem in its newness, newness alone does not entail innovation if the equation does not also include usefulness.

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