Hacking And Hackers In The Movies

Hacking in the movies or TV is a difficult thing to show; fiddling around with the command line or tweaking lines of code is not exactly action packed viewing for most of the viewing public. Most times, the result is a stylized hack job (pun intended) done more for effect than accuracy - which in the confines of a piece of drama, you can understand that approach (even if geeky types will roll their eyes in the dark). That said, there have been some movies that show fairly realistic (or at least cool) hackers/hacking in action. Screenrant has a look at the top ten (click on "View Gallery" to see the examples). Personally, I disagree with "Swordfish" being in there, but hey...
BLACKHAT opens in theaters today and looks to be one of the most realistic approaches to showing computer hacking on the silver screen. With technology shifting almost daily, hacking has always felt a step behind the times. Still, hacking is pretty damn cool when showcased online and these films present the best movies using the terminology or concept of hacking.

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