Smithsonian Puts 40,000 Pieces Of Art On The Web

The Smithsonian has put a huge collection of artworks online for 2015 - and for free. Seems like the future may have a lot of libraries and museums reaching out beyond their physical buildings.
The Smithsonian's Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery have an amazing gift for the world in 2015: a newly available collection of 40,000 digitized Asian and American artworks. The Smithsonian says its vast collection has mostly never been seen by the public, and the institution is making the collection available for free public use. The art dates from the Neolithic period to present day; the Smithsonian says the collection includes "1,806 American art objects, 1,176 ancient Egyptian objects, 2,076 ancient Near Eastern objects, 10,424 Chinese objects, 2,683 Islamic objects, 1,213 South and Southeast Asian objects, and smaller groupings of Korean, Armenian, Byzantine, Greek and Roman works."
The release is part of an extensive effort by the Smithsonian to make its resources available beyond its prominent physical presence on Washington D.C.'s National Mall. The institution says the work resulted in more than 10 terabytes of data and 50,000 images.

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