The New Lightweight Mythbusters

I just watched the first episode of the new season of the geekfest that is Mythbusters -  season 15, I believe. The new shows are minus Tori, Kari and Grant, for whatever reason (money, I'm guessing) and have a bit of a different look. There was a different title sequence, obviously to avoid anything involving the missing trio and there were two myths. The look and feel seemed different to me also, a lot of quick editing and more onscreen graphics than I remember, and I have been a pretty regular viewer. It was not bad, just different, although the first two myths they picked seemed a bit lame to me, but that may just be me being grouchy over the absence of the others, who I generally enjoyed.

Coincidentally, earlier today I had heard Tori Belleci on a podcast with Alton Brown (the Food Network guy) and Tori had recounted how he, Kari and a couple of others were hired on as builders and fabricators for the show, and how after only a few weeks, they were pulled in to do some on camera stuff too as the show was falling behind a bit. This was recorded in June 2014, long before Tori and the others were dropped, but I wonder if Adam and Jamie will be able to keep up. I would assume they have some people helping them, and with two myths per episode maybe that is more manageable. 


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