And On That Bombshell - Jezza Is Gone From Top Gear

Long time Top Gear presenter and rubber of salt in many Politically Correct wounds, Jeremy Clarkson, is officially off the show per the BBC top brass. I considered the three presenters on-screen personas - the Pedant, the Wannabe American, and the Boor - to be exaggerations of the actual people: James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson though (I think) was pretty much playing Clarkson most of the time, and that infuriated a vocal minority over things he said and did both on and off the internationally popular car show.

While there is no doubt the most recent incident (where he apparently hit a producer in the face during a noisy row and bloodied his lip) is a firing offense in almost any work setting, it's a little disturbing to hear the glee with which the PC crowd are celebrating his banishment from the show. They don't really dwell on the bloody lip, it's all about Clarkson being "sexist, homophobic, xenophobic" etc.
They pose as caring protectors of BBC staff from physical abuse, but in truth the Clarkson-bashers are pursuing a culture war, a moral crusade, against the presenter they love to hate and against the words and ideas he projects from the TV into the little people’s heads.

Their glee with Clarkson’s sacking is deeply dishonest. Under the cover of supporting the stamping-out of workplace harassment, they've actually instituted a media kangaroo court trying Clarkson for joke crimes.

Their main interest is not in protecting a BBC producer’s face from Clarkson’s fists — it’s in protecting the public’s ears, and our allegedly putty-like brains, from Clarkson’s words, from his consensus-pricking, fast-car loving, two-fingered salute to modern liberal orthodoxies.
The future looks a bit bleak for the show, at least as far as having the remaining cast stay on. I suspect they will reboot the show (it happened before), but after trying to watch the US version of Top Gear, I hope but doubt they will retain their audience.

And on that bombshell...


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