Antiphon Instrument 1 Offers A One Stop Digital Music Experience

I dabble in digital music - and I do mean "dabble" - and it can be quite interesting, even for one with minimal actual ability like myself. There are lots of ways to create digital music through software, midi interfaces and so on. The Antiphon Instrument 1 is a digital musical instrument that is not only programmable as to the sounds it make, but as to the way it can be played, which is a rather cool idea.
It can be played in seemingly any way: on your lap if you’re a piano maestro; resting on your thigh if you’re a guitar shredder; or on your shoulder if you’re a violinist. And it’s not just a silly toy. It plays the notes you hit, strum, or bow so it’ll only sound good if you do. (It also has a beginner mode where it can auto-play notes.)

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