GIMP Project Loses User Experience Maintainer

The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open source multi-platform image editor, and offers a lot of functionality for no monetary cost. It's not Adobe PhotoShop, but it's comparable in many ways and meets the needs of a lot of users. The GIMP has always had a bit of a cloud hanging over it for some because of it's user interface; it's a bit "eclectic" and can make the program seem less than intuitive for some users; it's not horrible exactly, just different. The GIMP project is losing it's UX (user experience) maintainer, and perhaps that may open the way to freshening up the user interface, and opening this software to a wider audience.
Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the UX maintainers of GIMP decided they had their own well designed horses outside the building and didn't really care about the only horse that mattered -- the GIMP's horse. The UX maintainer tuned out the needs of the community, and the single most powerful open-source vector image editor faltered. Yes, at some point, they tossed the community a bone and created the single window mode, but that was pretty much it. And then came a new voice for Gimp UX -- Peter Sikking. Peter did everything he could to change the way things worked, and he did an admirable job. In the end, however, certain elements of the design process were broken, and Peter had to step down.

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