TV Chef Jamie Oliver Has Cooties (On His Website ... Again)

Most television personalities are all about "the brand"; they establish a persona that attracts viewers and work hard to maintain that public façade. TV chefs are a good example - you know what you will get with Gordon Ramsey, for example: shouting, swearing and (eventually) redemption. Another UK chef, Jamie Oliver, had some trouble recently when his website was found to be serving up malware - and was quite quickly cleaned up. Or so we thought. Well, there are problems again, and while no one thinks Chef Oliver is sitting at his kitchen table banging out wonky HTML between basting his cornish hens, the site bears his name and this sort of thing can't be good for that all important brand.
Malwarebytes found the malicious code disguised within the HTML for the site's comScore analytics tag. It is also digitally signed with a certificate from Just Great Software, although the certificate is now expired.
"This is basically the same structure as we observed in the previous hack, which leads us to believe this is the same infection that was not completely removed or perhaps that a vulnerability with the server software or Content Management System (CMS) still exists," said Jérôme Segura, a senior security researcher at Malwarebytes.
"This example of a popular and legitimate site is a stern reminder that there is no such thing as a 'safe' site anymore. We have documented time and time again on this blog malicious advertisements as well as site hacks that affect well-known brands just the same as smaller sites."

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