A Linux User's Look At Windows 10

This should have been my own post; I have used Linux primarily for a couple of years, and I was looking to download the Windows 10 technical preview over the weekend - except the download was going so slowly (I tried 3 different times over 2 days) that I gave up on it for now. So the next best thing is this article from Bryan Lunduke over at Network World. He takes a look at Windows 10 from a Linux user's perspective - and no, it's not a Microsoft-bashing article, nor really even a review; nonetheless, it's quite thoughtful and provides some interesting comparisons.
In Windows 8, Microsoft killed the Start Menu – that simple, nested menu that let you find and launch applications (a paradigm used in operating systems since the days of the Pharaohs). Microsoft opted instead for a full-screen display of animated tiles, which, as every four-year-old can tell you, was both annoying and stupid.
In Windows 10, the Start Menu is back… kind of. There's no more full screen of animated tiles (Windows users dodged a bullet, there). But what Windows 10 has now isn't all that much better. Other than the fact that it's not, technically, full screen.


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