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Audacity is a free, open source audio editing and processing application that is well established and widely used. What's in the future for this project? Libre Graphics World has an interesting Q&A with the Audacity team, including James Crook, Steve Daulton and Vaughn Johnson.

Q: MIDI features in Audacity are still basic, and proposed musical time in the timeline hasn't been implemented yet either. Is it about project vision not involving MIDI much, some sort of technical limitations, or the lack of contributors?
James Crook: What gets developed depends on people's interests and time, and MIDI is unfinished indeed. Yes, we are all pulling in slightly different directions. As a group, improving real-time is much higher priority for us than MIDI. But we do want MIDI, for reasons beyond using it for composing.
Both MIDI and RT will benefit from pluggable track types, and that is where there is more activity.
Libre Graphics World 

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