Batman vs Superman Trailer Pokes It's Head Out, Says Hello

After a (very) short tease via director Zack Snyder onTwitter, the new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie trailer was then leaked online, which in turn led to Warner Brothers pushing up the planned Monday release date. So now we have it, and the trailer presents a rather grim scenario where the public seems to be either worshipping Superman as a god-like figure, or turning on him (presumably because of the carnage at the end of the movie Man of Steel). There are lots of dark, sombre scenes, ominous voice overs - and a potential rainy beat down between an armored Dark Knight and the Last Son Of Krypton. 

There were complaints about Man of Steel that it was "humorless"; I actually thought that while it certainly wasn't campy, there were a enough gentle yucks in there to keep things going. From the new trailer, this move looks decidedly bleak, and yet as it supposedly will be laying the groundwork for the Justice League, one would hope that Bruce Wayne and Kal-El can get on the same page towards the end. Also, not even a hint of Wonder Woman in the trailer. I would say, if anything, it makes the 2016 movie appear even more intriguing, which is kinda the point....

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