Healthcare Data Security: Not Good, Getting A Little Better

Verizon's 2015 Data Breach Investigation report on the security of healthcare data in the US does not paint a pretty picture, although it looks like the patient may be rallying a little over prior years. Considering the big push to move us all to digitized healthcare records (and how much "good stuff" those records contain), it's not terribly encouraging.

This year’s report set records for the number of organizations participating and security threats identified, with analysts classifying a staggering 80,000 security incidents and 2,100 data breaches. For the healthcare vertical, shared exclusively with Healthcare IT News, officials examined a total of 234 security incidents and 141 confirmed data loss breaches.
One of the most significant changes from last year's report? We’ll start with the good news: The industry actually made considerable progress with losing unencrypted devices. Consider the fact that last year, a whopping 46 percent of healthcare security incidents were due to theft or loss of unencrypted devices, this year’s 26 percent due to theft or loss represents a considerable improvement.

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