The New Screen Savers

Screen Savers was a technology variety TV show that ran from 1998 to 2005 on ZDTV, and then on Tech TV. While I felt the show ran out of steam a bit towards the end as some of the original cast got famous and moved on, it was a fun show for someone like me. Geek impresario Leo LaPorte is bring the format back as The New Screen Savers on his TWiT podcasting network.
People will be skeptical about whether TWiT can recapture the magic, and whether it's even a good idea to try. "The idea is not to relive the past, but bring back that name," Leo said. "That name meant something to people -- the idea that they were going to be honored and valued for being tech enthusiasts [and] that show was going to celebrate it in a way that nothing on TV at the time did... Still nothing really does. And I got tired of waiting."
Leo said he stills regularly meets people who come up to him and say, "I'm a geek because of The Screen Savers." The TWiT team hopes the second iteration of the show will inspire another generation of geeks.

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