What OS Do I Have This Week? Elementary OS "Freya"

I don't know quite what propels me, but I hop around operating systems like a rabbit on a date. In the last few weeks, I went from Linux Mint 17 to Super X 3.0, then Windows 10 Technical Preview, LXLE and currently Elementary OS 0.3 "Freya".

I had tried Elementary OS 0.2 "Luna" maybe a year ago, and thought it looked really slick, and was fast and easy to use. This new release is more of the same, and really gives a solid first impression as a lightweight, polished Linux OS. It's a bit more "home brew" than many Ubuntu-based distros, in that is has several of it's own applications.

The desktop layout is reminiscent of Apple OS X, insofar as it uses a "dock", but it's really it's own thing. Also, despite appearances on the Elementary website, it IS available as a free download.

Here are a couple of reviews to give you the flavor (note a couple of these refer to the earlier beta release of Freya).

OhHeyItsLou (YouTube)

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