Cameras And Drones - A Match Made In Heaven

A coworker recently gave me an up close and personal look at his quadcopter with a nifty gimbal camera mount. It was a slick piece of gear, and when he pointed me to his YouTube page containing some camera footage, I was duly impressed: smooth, sweeping videos that seem to combine Steadicam and helicopter shots into one very pleasing result.

I have noticed recently that a lot of shows on the HGTV cable channel (and others) are using drone-mounted cameras too, for aerial shots of houses, neighborhoods, building projects etc. Once you know what you are looking for, it's pretty easy to spot a drone camera shot (too low or risky to safely be a helicopter, too mobile or high to be a crane shot).

The combination of a capable and stable camera platform and compact high definition video cameras in a relatively low cost package is certainly attractive, and people have been using this combination for all kinds of high risk situations, like flying over an active volcano!

Some of the most interesting videos I have seen recently are ones where the drone is flying through a firework display - how else would you do that?

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