No Real Flying Cars In Sight, Dang It

I want a flying car. Let me rephrase that: I want the flying car to be real. I could never afford a flying car, but at least let me have a vicarious thrill via some lucky owner who posts a 360 degree video of a drive/flight on YouTube.

No light aircraft that coverts to something awkward that you can theoretically (if impractically) drive on a public road. Nor one of those quadcopter-type contraptions either, however interesting they may be. 

I just want there to be something like the DeLorean from Back To The Future, or the Spinner from Blade Runner - or even Lady Penelope's Fab One from Thunderbirds. A car that flies, for cripes sake. It's been a "thing" with me since, well, probably the Gerry Anderson Supercar kid's show back in the 1960's - although perversely enough, that was not technically a car at all...

It seems though, that the big thing holding us back is the propulsion system; surely we are really close to having the kind of software to assist in safely flying such a contraption. We need something compact and powerful like Tony Stark's repulsor technology, not turbines or propellers. So, to all you budding Starks out there - c'mon!

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