Stegosploit - Bringing Us More Malware Crap To Worry About

Steganography is a technique that can "hide" data within other digital data - hiding a text message within an image for example. With tools like Stegosploit, we now learn it's also possible to hide malware within images - great, just what we need.
In plain speak, this means virtually any picture you view on the web, even without clicking on it or downloading it, could potentially contain malware. Upon viewing the image, the hidden program would automatically load on your computer or mobile device without your consent. That malicious software could then do a variety of nasty things from taking control of your device to stealing data, photos, login credentials, sensitive personal and financial information and more. The best part of all, antivirus and malware detection scanners are not, at this time, equipped to detect these kinds of attacks, rendering your safety net completely useless.

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