The Hollywood Retread Machine

Why does Hollywood continue to churn out sequels, prequels and reboots? Because they make money, of course! Other than newly-released Inside Out, all the other top 40 box office openings this year are non-original works. Yep, read that line again.

Whether that says that people go because they are familiar with the material and want the same experience again, or because they have little choice due to what is being presented to them, I can't say, but if it keeps making money, you can bet your sweet bippy the movie makers will keep doing it.
Inside Out is something of a rarity among summer blockbusters, since it’s an entirely original story that isn’t a sequel, a remake, a reboot, an adaptation or a new iteration of an established franchise. Directed by Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen, the film focuses on an 11 year-old girl called Riley who moves to a new home in San Francisco and struggles to deal with the changes in her life. It also takes part partly inside Riley’s head, where a group of anthropomorphic emotions try to help her keep it together.

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