All Your Backdoors Are Belong To Us

FBI Director Jim Comey would like technology companies to just get with the program and provide backdoors so they can access information as needed, please and thank you.

+1 for hubris, then.
(Comey admitted Tuesday he has no specific data to back up his claim that encryption has prevented the FBI from solving crimes.)
That admission should end the discussion right then and there.
Notably, just one day before Comey’s testimony, an all-star group of leading technical experts released a paper running through, in specific detail, the myriad of problems mandated backdoors in encryption would cause for the public. The paper posed dozens of technical questions about how such backdoors would work in practice, which the FBI has so far not even attempted to answer. The scale of the questions – and the fact that many of them will never have clear answers – shows just how ill-thought out the FBI’s idea really is.

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