Batman vs Superman First Full Trailer

While I really enjoyed the 2013 movie Man Of Steel, I was troubled by the way it seemed to rather blithely gloss over the carnage and death wrought upon the city of Metropolis and it's denizens. While few actual deaths were shown, it was obvious that a great many people must have suffered during the titanic struggle between Superman and General Zod and his followers.

Cue the new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, revealed at Comic-Con; it shows an anguished Bruce Wayne witnessing some of the destruction of that battle first hand, with at least one of his office buildings being destroyed and some workers killed as a result. 

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This sets up a major beef between the former Batman (he appears older and apparently retired as the caped crusader in this trailer) and the young alien whippersnapper Superman.

The epic trailer has quite a few puzzling images, such as some stormtrooper-looking military types wearing Superman's House of El "S" crest, and also a frustrated/pissed-off looking Superman kneeling down to Lex Luther. There is also a brief glimpse of Wonder Woman unleashing...something.

Screenrant has a nice breakdown of the trailer and attempts to explain or an least theorize on some of these images. The trailer looks great, and certainly amps up my interest in the 2016 movie.

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