Data Security: Instead Of Prevention, We Get Detection

Security detection is like the old saw about bolting the barn door after the horse is fled. "Oops, there goes old Nellie, let's lock up the barn!". Should it not be "Hey, Nellie will find a way out if we don't lock up that door, y'know!". That would be prevention, rather than detection.

It turns out that in a lot of malware attacks, the malware is specific to the attack and as such is much harder to detect in any given case.
Enterprises spend a mind-boggling $76 billion each year to “protect” themselves from cyber-attacks, but the bad guys keep winning because most protection solutions are based on detection instead of prevention. The 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report highlighted over 2,100 breaches and the FBI claims that every major U.S. company has been compromised by the Chinese – whether they realized it or not.


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