Georgia's Copyrighted Laws

Georgia - the US State, not the small eastern European country - is suing a website owner for publishing the state's own laws online. One would assume that laws would be deemed to be public knowledge, and that the State of Georgia might have better things to do with it's time, but no.
According to the lawsuit [PDF] filed this week, Carl Malamud has "engaged in an 18 year long crusade to control the accessibility of U.S. government documents by becoming the United States’ Public Printer."
Although an alternative reading could be that he was simply publishing public laws on the internet.
At the center of the issue is not Georgia's basic legal code – that is made readily available online and off – but the annotated version of it. That annotated version is frequently used by the courts to make decisions of law, and as such Malamud decided it should also be made easily accessible online.

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