iFixit, Putting The Green In Geeky

In the old days, a geek could probably be referred to as a tinkerer - I remember my own Grandpa back in Scotland, spending hours in his garden shed futzing around with broken stuff. He even built a (working) electric lawnmower out of an old electric motor and some baby carriage wheels he pulled from the scrap. Pretty geeky by the standards of the day.

Tinkering - or more specifically fixing broken gadgets - can be quite green too, particularly as many electronic items seem to be designed to NOT be easily fixable. Enter iFixit, a haven for those who have the itch to fix their own stuff, rather than consign them to the scrap pile. 
Finding parts to fix broken Kindles, GoPros, and Nexus devices can be practically impossible, but now that iFixit and ERI are teaming up, consumers will have a way to keep more of their busted gizmos alive, instead of tossing them in the wood chipper.

iFixit announced its partnership with ERI today, promising to offer consumers rigorously tested replacement parts sourced from ERI that are backed by a lifetime warranty. By teaming up with ERI, iFixit can now harvest repair parts straight from the company’s 8 recycling facilities in the U.S. that process over 250 million pounds of electronic waste every year


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