Lockheed F-35: To Expensive To Fail, But...

I came across a rather depressing article outlining how the Lockheed F-35, the hideously expensive next generation strike fighter for the US Airforce was rather soundly schooled in a mock air battle with a decades old F-16. 

F-35 critics must be rubbing their hands gleefully, as the (presumably accurate) article goes on to describe the cutting edge aircraft's failings in several key areas. It's glum stuff, with lashings of money being thrown at a project which so far is delivering very, very little for the resources being poured into it.

Sometimes - probably more often than not - US Weapon technology is outstanding at what it does, and one hopes something can be salvaged from this budding train wreck, as the military brass feels they have come too far to walk away at this point.

I am generally not of the guns-vs-butter mindset, but this has all the early signs of a huge pig in a poke.

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