Prime Minister David Cameron, 1984 Edition

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to climb onto the slippery slope of banning strong encryption. Citing the challenge of intercepting and thwarting terrorist activities, he maintains that the British authorities don't want to look through everyone's email and invade their privacy. 

Of course, that is almost certainly exactly what will eventually happen. Politicians love power almost as much as money, and knowledge is power. To me at least, it's not too much of a leap to foresee a time when "wrong thinking" a'la George Orwell will be sought out and punished.
Cameron confirmed that the government plans to bring forward its draft investigatory powers bill in the autumn.
The resurrected bill, known previously as the 'snoopers' charter' is facing growing opposition outside parliament.

The threat of new powers to block private online messaging services has already led to some online companies threatening to leave the UK.

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