Tulips And Tech Startups

The Netherlands (which I always knew as Holland when I lived in the UK) is a small European country of 17 million squished in between Belgium, Germany and the North Sea. It's the one with all the tulip fields and windmills. It is also one of the liveliest tech startup locations in that part of the world, just behind the cities of London, UK and Berlin, Germany.
The early strengths of the Netherlands’ budding startup scene — software, space, smart energy, financial tech, digital health, sharing technology and 3D printing, among others — coincide with the overall direction of global innovation. And the Dutch prowess for high-tech hardware, in particular, has drawn investment interest not just from the United States and Europe, but also from China.

Netflix and Uber both recently decided to establish their European headquarters in Amsterdam. And given the Netherlands’ favorable tax code, strong international travel infrastructure, and newly released startup visa, you can expect other global brands to follow suit.

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